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1979 P200E - STOLEN and RECOVERED!!!!!
Year/Make/Model1979 P200E - STOLEN and RECOVERED!!!!! 
DescriptionThanks so much to and all of you for allowing me to post my "Stolen" notice here.Yesterday at 1:30, approximately five days after it was stolen, the Sheriff's Department called me to tell me they had recovered my scooter. Photo is my removing my Vespa from the crime scene. Huge thanks to everybody for letting me get the word out and keeping an eye open. Some regular readers saw my Vespa listed on the app "Let Go" and tracked me down to let me know it was being sold. I did some basic PI work after that, and ended up uncovering the location where it was being held, the phone number of the fence, and his handle on Let Go. After feeding all the relevant information to the Sheriff's Detective for auto theft and convincing him that, really, there isn't another bike in New Mexico exactly like mine, a team of about 6 law enforcement officers descended on the suspect property, made an arrest, and called me to pick up my bike. I mention all of this in case any of you face the unpleasant experience of having your scooter heisted. Make sure you have good photos of your bike, take all precautions, and get the word out online if you ever do get robbed. THANKS!!! John 
LocationAlbuquerque, New Mexico 
email[retreive email address]
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Date posted2017-09-28 22:10:07