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FS: 1967 Vespa Sprint 150
Year/Make/ModelFS: 1967 Vespa Sprint 150 
DescriptionI am parting ways with my precious 1967 Vespa Sprint 150 which has been excellently maintained and upgraded. This is a VLB model with the highly sought-after and more rare, trapezoidal headlight. She's a beaut! This scooter has the old "one-up, three-down" shifting and being as old as it is, it requires learning the small idiosyncrasies of clutch/shift/throttle balance (like any scooter/motorcycle) but once you out! It hauls a$$. It has a rebuilt engine (Malossi kit) which makes it a 166.6 now and a newer Sito Plus P125X sport exhaust that let's it hit 75MPH pretty easily, maybe more - the needle gets buried after 120km/hr and it still pulls. It is a premix engine needing at least a 4% mixture which keeps the spark plugs clean yet still delivers great power. It's easy to measure the bit of oil to pour in the gas tank - I'll include a measuring cup specifically for the mixture. You'll see the upgraded super corsa sport seat which is more sleek and sits two more comfortably than the stock double seat. The tires are newer sport tires and have great grip. On some of the chrome pieces (easily replaceable) there is light rust from living by the beach for so long but it's in great shape otherwise. Comes with the spare tire and storage pouch on it. It also has a built-in, lockable saddle/cowling storage container. Price $3000 
LocationMemphis, Tennessee 
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Date posted2017-10-22 07:04:32