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Grant is Real because I've been Paid
Year/Make/ModelGrant is Real because I've been Paid 
Description                  Raise awareness and understanding the DREAMS OF AMERICANS. Request for Proposals: For 2017, The CSBG  Foundation Grants Program will invest approximately $4,372,000:00 to raise awareness and understanding of science and technology and their potential to address a global challenge. Duration of Projects: Performance period for funded projects will be limited to no longer than 12 months. The start date of the project must fall after the funding decisions are announced. In 2017, grant recipients will be notified by Nov - Dec 2017. This year GRANT would  touch more Lives: 1:extraordinary strategic initiative 2:Lobbying or electioneering 3:Commercial promotion activities 4:Personal or commercial loans 5:Participation of specific/individual teams at competitions Research & development, including prototypes to address humanitarian issues. Grants will be awarded for projects requesting funding between US$2,500 and US$100,000                                    Types Of BLOCK GRANT Available. 1: $250 to get $2,500:00 2: $500 to get $5,000:00 3: $750 to get $7,500:00 4: $1000 to get $10,000:00 5: $1500 to get $15,000:00 6: $2500 to get $25,000:00 7: $5000 to get $50,000:00 8: $10,000 to get $100,000:00     If you have questions regarding the guidelines or forms, please contact us by: CSBG e-mail:  Telephone: +1 (912) 712-6673 ���.�8 
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Date posted2017-11-21 17:56:20