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any and all
Year/Make/Modelany and all 
DescriptionMail Bill... If you have questions or comments regarding you can mail Bill, but please review the following FAQs first. Q: I need a photo gallery created for my rally last weekend! Fill out the request form at, please track down the sponsor url's too. Q: I have a patch for the patch gallery. A: Mail me a 300 Dots-per-inch scan, made with a flatbed scanner, not a picture taken with a camera. Save as tiff or high-quality jpg. 300 DPI means the image will be big a 3x3inch patch should be nearly 1000 pixels square. Leave some border around the edges of the patch too, please. Q: I uploaded a zip file of pictures from my Mac, but they're not showing up! A: Was it really a zip file, or a .SIT file that you renamed to .zip? .SIT files will not work. Q: I want to use a picture from the gallery for my book/magazine/website. A: Contact the photographer, mail me if you need help tracking them down. Q: I've sold my scooter listed in the classifieds, can you remove the listing? A: Mail me a link to the ad, like Q: My scooter won't start! Can you help me fix my scooter? A: I barely have time to fix my own scooters, maybe you can get some tips at or If your question isn't covered above please mail me at, thanks. 
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Date posted2018-02-06 08:40:33