3 Critical Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump And Dunk

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If you've looked online for exercises to increase vertical jump, you've probably realized that the advice is plentiful and varied. From my years of experience working with athletes, I have realized there are 3 critical exercises you must do to increase your vertical jump:

1. Squats - more specifically free weight squats. You want to do free weight squats as opposed to squats on a leg press or other machine because free weight squats, when done correctly, will also strengthen your core. This is extremely important as the core is a key area you need to strengthen if you want to increase your vertical jump.

Free weight squats are one of the key exercises to increase vertical jump because they will strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes, which are all essential for vertical explosion off of the ground.

2. Calf raises - These are another one of the critical exercises to increase vertical jump because the calves play a key role in giving you both power and explosiveness. There are so many different ways to do calf raises, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose a calf raise exercise that is both comfortable and challenging.

3. Leg raises - the type of leg raises I think are one of the critical exercises to increase vertical jump are the kind where you hang from a chin-up bar and raise your knees to your chest. These are important because leg raises not only strengthen your abs (part of your core), but they also have the added benefit of strengthening your hip flexors, which give you additional power and explosiveness.

Keep in mind that there are additional exercises to increase vertical jump, but these 3 are the primary ones I like to target. They target your legs for explosiveness and your abs for core strength. Give these a shot and you'll be on the right path to increasing your vertical jump.

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