5 Tips For Getting Children Started In Music Lessons

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NEW YORK (AP) - Music lessons are among the most expensive activities for children and the most difficult to navigate. Here are some tips on how to get started:

-Let your child explore different instruments by going to concerts, watching YouTube videos or visiting mom-and-pop music stores that let people play their merchandise.

-Take the time to find the right teacher by asking for trial lessons and interviews. Check out the Music Teacher National Association's website for advice on what to look for.

-Consult with a music and instrument stores near me teacher before acquiring an instrument, especially if you are considering buying a used one.

-Prepare to budget for the costs associated with school music programs. Inquire about fee waivers and reach out to community coordinators about programs for low-income families.

-Be prepared to give the time and energy to encourage your child to practice; be patient and dig in for the long-term.


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