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New Facebook games are introduced all the time, but there are a handful that have been around for a long time and remain favourites. These are the games with millions of players and many of those players have been on the game for years. These are also the games that people use for relaxation and enjoyment, so they don't require building worlds anything time consuming like that. It's quite amazing the variety of games that people now find enjoyable on this platform.

#1: Frontierville/Farmville/Cityville

You will hear of these Facebook games on every list of top games. They are hands down the games most people start out playing on Facebook. This is because they both require players to collect neighbours and the more neighbours you have the more successful you are at the game. This is clever for the game developers, because it is the type of game that could only be carried out successfully through a social networking platform online.

In Frontierville you start with a wild land of trees and create your own old time Frontier complete with a covered wagon. In Farmville you start with nothing and slowly build up your own functional farm with the capability of selling your goods and bartering with neighbours. In Cityville you build up your own city complete with shopping areas, houses and a growing population. All three of these Facebook games are similar and are known as building games, so they are presented here together.

#2: Mafia Wars

This is a challenging game often classified as a role playing game. Users get to pick their character and give themselves a unique name, and then they venture through hundreds of different levels that get progressively more challenging. There is a lot of strategy involved in this game, so it is entertaining on an intellectual level as well as being pure pleasurable.

#3: Cafe World

This is one of the Facebook games that appeal to users of all ages. It allows players to open up and operate their own restaurant, selling product to others using the game. Younger Facebook users love this game, but it is played by a lot of adults as well. It surprisingly takes a lot of good judgment and a sense of timing to do well in Cafe world.

4: Bejeweled Blitz

This is a simple puzzle game that allows users to sit back, turn their brains off, and just relax for a short period of time. The game board is an array of colourful jewels and the object is to click jewels positioned together that are the same colour. Once clicked, they disappear and the board rearranges itself so new matches can be found. The faster you go, the better you will score with this game. Results can be posted on a player's Facebook wall so their friends can try to beat their time.

This is one of the more simplistic Facebook games, but it is incredibly popular. It seems many people from all around the world are craving simple fun that doesn't require all the strategy involved with other games on Facebook.

5: Millionaire City

This is a Facebook game very similar to Cityville, but it isn't quite as popular with users. That said, it is still one of the more popular Facebook games available today. Rather than just developing a city, Millionaire City makes the player a millionaire with all the luxuries that come with money. This gives more advantage when developing a city, but it also comes with more responsibility and a higher level of decision making.

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