6 Traits Needed For the Self Employed

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So you're tired of your job, your boss and your direction in life.
Seriously thinking about self employment? How many of those quizzes that tell you if you should be self employed have you taken? Do you keep getting the same answer? Do you believe what they are telling you? Can you really tell if you would be good for self employment from a quiz?

I for one do not think a quiz can predict your success.
I "failed" that quiz when I started my business, I would actually probably still fail it today if I were to take one again! But I have found I love running my own business, and am not too bad at it! So how do you really know that self employment might be right for you?
It comes down to personality traits! If you have these traits you can learn the rest!

Following are six traits that you need to make it in the self employed world.

1. Are you decisive? It is your job to be the final decision maker; if you struggle making decisions then running your own business will be very hard from the beginning. When you work for yourself you will be making decisions every day, all day.
2. Are you willing to ask for help? This might seem like a silly question, but the amount of time you don't spend asking for help is a drain on your time, energy and future growth. Help goes beyond asking a CPA or an attorney for help. You ask others for help to simply grow your business; networking is asking and receiving help.

Hiring an employee is asking and receiving help. Even in a paid or reciprocal relationship you have to be able to reach out to others for help. The "I can do it all" attitude does not work!
3. You must be able to follow through. As a small business you must be able to complete the task. No one else will do it for you, unless you ask for help (see number 2). This is really hard for the true entrepreneurs, the ideas tend to come quicker than you can execute and complete them.

4. Self Motivation. If you are only motivated one day a week, building your business will take a long time! Your desire to grow and achieve must be from within.
5. Tenacious, able to take no repeatedly, belief in self, able to survive with no wins for a while - whatever you want to call this, you must have it! Especially in the beginning you need to have the ability to keep going even with every not that come your way.

How is this different than self motivation? You may be able to get yourself going, but this is more about can you do it on day 100 after pounding the pavement with very few wins in your bag. This is a completely different type of motivation.
6. Flexibility. Can you change at the drop of a hat if needed? Business moves fast and you learn as you go, so you must be able to be willing to make those changes without hesitation. Changing direction and plans at a moment's notice.

If you can manage these six things then you can have a great shot at being self employed. But what about risk, money and all the other things that everyone talks about with self employment? Those are all relative and they depend on your situation. One twenty question quiz will not answer those and take into consideration all the outside factors.

So ensure you have the personality to be self employed and then take the time to evaluate the other factors as they relate to you. Then make your move!

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