A Buying Guide on Roller Derby Custom Helmets

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When buying roller derby supplies, Custom Helmets should be the first piece of equipment that you need to focus on. A helmet’s fit and quality can be lifesaving, so it is important that you wear one every time you ride, especially when you take on active, fast-paced sports like roller derby. It is important that you choose the right roller derby helmet for you.

There are just so many options when to choosing a custom painted roller derby helmets. Make sure that you are aware are dedicated of finding the right one for you. the style, fit, price, certification and construction all play a role in the final choice that you will make

Features of Roller Derby Custom Helmets

If you are looking for a traditional, stylish and low profile skate helmet, then you can go with a half-cap, bucket shaped roller derby helmet that protects the sides, back top and front areas of your head. Take a look at more of its features below.

- Roller derby custom helmets usually come in a bucket shape with a hard exterior that is made of Kevlar, fiberglass composite carbon fiber or ABS plastic.

- Custom painted roller derby helmets features a soft foam interior a cushioned protective liner that slows the force of an impact.

- Better roller derby helmets are those made with an exterior hard shell with an interior soft foam protective liner. These are built to resist multiple impacts.

- Some roller derby helmets are not ASTM F1492 certified. However, this does not mean that they are a bad helmet; it only means that the manufacturer did not seek to certify. A safety standards certification does add cost to the price of a roller derby helmet.

It is important that you inspect the helmet’s exterior and interior for damage following a fall. Any damage to its interior or exterior such as cracks, splits, or anything besides an abrasion or scrape, is a sign that the helmet has to be replaced.

Roller Derby Custom Helmets Safety Certifications

All skate helmets, including roller derby custom helmets, should meet specific requirements from the ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials, CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Snell. These should cover all of the derby helmet safety certifications.

The custom painted roller derby helmets that you buy has to meet the safety requirements of Snell N-94, ASTM F1447 and F1492, and CSPC. Read the tag of the helmet or ask the salesman for verification.

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