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At various times, Sears sold either Cushman or Vespa scooters under the Allstate name. There were also mopeds and small motorcycles sold under the Allstate name made by still other manufacturers, like Puch. Most Allstate scooters sold were in fact very basic Vespa models that differ largely only in cosmetic details and the lack of front dampeners. They are Vespas in every other respect, though to collectors they often have less value because so many were sold over the years and because of the lack of certain details.
Blue badge Allstate, July 2006
Blue badge Allstate, July 2006
There were also a few years they were simply badged as "Sears" models.

Cushman sold step-thru scooters to Sears for mailorder sales from 1951-1961 under the "Allstate" name with only minor changes from the normal production runs. Montgomery Wards did the same thing with their "Riverside" scooters, which were simply re-badged Lambretta or Mitsubishi Pigeon scooters. [7/99]

For the final year of Allstates, a round Sears badge replaced the United States outline badge. These particular Allstates are sometimes referred to as a blue badge.

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