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Indian Made Vespa clones. Bajaj made Vespa scooters (the model at the time was the Sprint) under license from Piaggio. One story about their split is that Indira Ghandi was looking to improve the Indian economy and helped Bajaj end the license agreement and start producing scooters under the Bajaj name. Since then Bajaj design has parted from Vespa, although at a distance or to the uninitiated the two could be confused.

An import company called BajajUSA began importing Bajaj scooters in 2002. This company ended its relationship with Bajaj in 2006, changed its name to ArgoUSA, and began importing scooters from China.

One prominent feature of Bajaj scooters sold in the USA in the last decade that makes them identifiable is the "upside down cross" or "Hammer of Thor" horncast.

Also makes Vespa Ape clones. 1107559834-1.jpg

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