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The Big Bacon Breakfast Scooter Club (BBBSC) is a scooter club for owners of classic scooters who appreciate wrenching, riding, and the occasional beer or pork product.

We get together on the occasional Sunday morning, Saturday afternoon, weekday night, to wrench, and other times, we start early, eat breakfast, and go for a long, twisty ride outside the great City of Baltimore. Putting down half a pound of bacon first thing gives a whole new meaning to the day.

We don't exclude anyone, but we represent three things:

  • bacon - a recent influx of Dutch Vegetarians is stressing this criterion
  • classic scooters (two-stroke, steel, manual-shift, mostly italian, mostly Vespas)
  • baltimore city
  • riding

Okay, four things. Clubs are about common interests, and those are ours. If you hang with us, we'll offer you bacon -- or lately, soba noodles with cucumber -- show you our scooters, show you Baltimore, and try to get you as interested as we are. If you have any questions or need any help with Vespas, we'll help you out in any way we can.

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BBBSC Yahoo group

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