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The Blur is a 150cc four-stroke automatic-transmission scooter sold in the United States by Genuine Scooter Co. It debuted in the late summer of 2006, and was first seen by the public at Scooterville during the "No Direction Home" rally in Minneapolis.

Genuine's Blur is a rebranded version of the G-Max 150, manufactured by PGO in Taiwan. It is a 2-valve G-Max 150, rebranded with "Blur" graphics and painted in metallic charcoal and orange.

Rumors in late 2006 indicate that in the 2007 model season, Genuine will introduce a higher displacement Blur, possibly using PGO's 4-valve engine technology, and possibly in a different color scheme.

The design of the Blur (and, obviously, the G-Max) is very similar to that of the Peugeot JetForce, with a visible shock spring in a cutaway section of the scooter. It also shares design similarities with the Gilera Runner but it should be noted that unlike many Asian scooters, it is not a direct 'knockoff' or 'clone,' but an original design by PGO.

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