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Breaking-in, unlike breaking-up, is not hard to do...if you're patient.

Certain parts of a scooter must be gently eased into use vice slapping them on and hauling ass.

Top End (Cylinder + Piston)

To break-in a top end properly, obey the following principles:

  • Do not rev the bike out. Take it slow.
  • Vary the throttle between 1/3 and 2/3 in a smooth manner. Do not maintain consistent revs for more than 1/4 mile or so.
  • Use a 4% mixture of "dinosaur oil" during this process.

How long should you do it?

For an iron-lined cylinder and piston, estimates vary from 300 - 900 miles. For a nicasil-lined cylinder and piston, such as the ts1, imola, and mugello kits, 100 miles is a safe break-in range.

Piston Rings

When putting new piston rings within an already broken-in top-end, you need to allow the rings to 'mate' with the cylinder wall. Following the above principles for 100 miles is sufficient to do this.

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