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With the arrival of the hot summer, it is the time for you to walk and sun in the golden sands against the blue sky and green sea and it is the right time for you to display your wonderful figure to others.
But, how can we choose a suitable and high quality swimwear? Let�s follow the advice below. Quality is the most important point we should pay attention to. Therefore, due to the special usage of the swimwear, we should choose the swimwear made of the elastic fabric with more than 15% spandex.

Thus, the swimwear can expand and contract freely with the movement of your body. Meanwhile, when you are swimming in the swimming pool, you should keep an eye on the adaptation of the fabric to the chlorine molecular. At present, the most popular fabric is the three-dimensional elastic fabric, which is most suitable for people to swim in the cold water or in the swimming pool because it is good at maintaining your body temperature.

Swimwear is the practical clothing, so it has strong tensile force. You�d better not choose the style with lots of stitches because it is easy to open when you are doing acute movement. Therefore, you should examine the stitches and seams carefully and the lines stretch should be parallel with the fabrics stretch.
For the sake of your health, you should choose the swimwear which has the lining made of the pure cotton. Cotton is safe to any kind of skin. Especially, it is suitable for the people who are subject to allergy. In order to have a right swimwear, you should know your body well.

Only the suitable swimwear can stand your fitness body out. In other words, the fatter people can choose the dark color with the simple style. The two-piece swimwear will make you look shorter and more bloated. And the slim girls can choose the swimwear in the bright and vivid colors such as orange, red and yellow, which will give others a sense of expansion. If your breasts are too flat, it is advised for you to choose the swimwear with the pad or bra.

In addition, the one with strap tied around the neck and the folds in the chest will have a good effect on enlarge your breasts. If you have perfect figure, of course, you should choose the sexy swimwear, especially the sexy bikini, which can make you look so attractive.
The above tips can help you to choose your favorite and most suitable swimwear.

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