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How to test coil and condersor without removing the flywheel

You can just add a condensor externally. You see this alot on bikes from 3rd world countries, and in my opinion is a perfectly acceptable temporary fix, like until I have some other reason to pull my flywheel off.

But did you know that you can do the same thing (sort of) with an HT coil? Say your internal (on the stator) HT coil goes bad on ya in an inconvenient place. If you carry a spare external coil just scab it on to the motor or frame (properly grounded), and hook the + side to your kill wire (at the junction box or anywhere else along the wire), and run like that until you can do a proper fix. You can leave the old HT in place, and even hooked up.

Wire from condensor to + on coil or anywhere on that wire. Body of condensor to ground.

(thanks to e and Tom G)

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