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Douglas of Bristol manufactured Vespa scooters under licence from Piaggio from 1951 to 1960. Between 1960 and 1965 they continued to be imported.

Prior to the introduction of the 152L2 in 1959 most parts were produced in the UK, after that date more components were obtained from Piaggio. Douglas were easily the biggest manufacturer of scooters in the UK with some 126,000 being produced in this period. Much of the information in the Haynes manual refers to Douglas bikes.

Models built in the UK were as follows:

  • "Rod" model (1951-53) - Based on the now-obsolete Piaggio 1949 model, this UK version had the headlamp moved from the mudguard to the legshield in deference to local regulations.
  • "G" model (1953-54) - As per the rod model but with a cable gear change.
  • GL2 (1954-55) - Still based on the 1949 style chassis, this model featured a more up-to-date engine.
  • 42L2 (1955-56) - This model finally saw the introduction of the newer-style chassis and the appearance of the headlight on the handlebars.
  • 92L2 (1956-59) - Updated version of the 42L2.
  • 102L2 (1957) - As per the 92L2, but with a Piaggio-manufactured 150cc engine.
  • 152L2 (1959-61) - Equivalent model to the Piaggio-built VNA, and introduced about a year later. To satisfy demand for the 152L2, Douglas had to import VNAs from Italy.
  • Sportique (1961-65) - Equivalent model to the Piaggio-built VBB.
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