Fat Reduction And Improved Wellness Through Fasting

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Why, how and when to fast - how to start fasting.

Alert :

Wrong fasting may jeopardize your health .

Common fast over any period of time surpassing 3 days should be done under the supervision and guidance of either a medical doctor , healer or your Guru if done so for spiritual reasons .

Right fasting however can lead to a purification of your physical body and your spiritual body alike, hence it can be safely applied and used for spiritual virtues and to improve your physical wellness likewise if done correctly .

If for any reasons you decide to do the fasting all by yourself without any medical supervision or spiritual supervision , then you've got to be certain to know exactly what you do . Know basic general anatomy and physiology of your body of a human and feel you body system 's respons to food, changes of nutrient, energy incorporated into nutrient! You need to have sincere sacred intuition to do so safely - God is Love and thus heavenly Father can guide you - but it is your obligation to be fully open for God 's counselling !

This article provides you with an insight to:

* Fasting generally - to further improve your quality of life and health .

* Fasting as a means of cleansing of your physical structure .

* Fasting for spiritual reasons - spiritual fasting for enhanced refinement of all energy system. Fasting is a recommended
practice for advanced Kriya Yoga practice.

* Fasting is a very old custom done in many cultures , faiths and spiritual traditions . What exactly is fasting and why do humans fast?

True fasting means a complete halt of any solid food uptake for a period of time . As nutrient you should consider anything that furnishes the body with calories, i.e. with prana. That means that with the exception of pure water about any other thing, food , drinks , milk, soft drinks, juices, any sweetened drinks, like tea or coffee etc. will supply you with some kinda energy.

Fasting detoxifies your body chemistry and thus leads to weightloss and bettered health condition and restored beauty.

Fasting does speed up the detoxification and refining of the physical body and the metaphysical body also . Obviously any nutrient or potable we take does contain physical energy and metaphysical energy also . Nowadays most food lacks of natural organic ingredients and natural preparation. Many vegetables and fruits are farmed with artificial fertilizers and are often chemically treated during their growth or after collecting them. This may cause an accumulation of toxins inside your body. The accumulation of toxins over a lengthy period of time may often cause some very serious malady , such as rheumatoid arthritis and similar diseases that usually start among a large percentage of the adult population after they reached a certain age.

Preparation for the beginning of your fasting :

There may be several steps of fasting. Before you start consider any fasting , you certainly may want to have a close look at your eating habits. It makes little sense to fast, when before and after the period of fasting you still continue with inadequate eating habits. Good food from the point of view of pure , fresh and high content of prana within the food you can eat is what you want to acquire to eat up day in day out.

heavenly father is love - you are created to God 's epitome, thus you are created to love like supreme being . To learn to love like our all heavenly father is the only purpose of life on earth. Once you learn to conduct a life style without causing karma and without causing hurting to others, you have reached your purpose of incarnation and are ready to go back home to our heavenly creator .

Right food from this point of view means:

Become a vegetarian - as meat of any kind , beef, sheep, goat, fish, chicken,... can never create harmoniousness and wellness, because it was earned through shooting down and enduring, it was gained by causing pain to others - according to the Law of Karma this hurting is return to you personally and after an extended period of doing so without acquiring or changing your habits it then may cause a variety of different pain in your own physical body. Here's more on Beautiful Philippines nature pictures. This hurting is always simply a fraction of what is caused to others, yet still for many of us it might be enough . So please have a look at all your feeding habits, whatever to enjoy should be grown by maintaining and guarding beautiful nature and preserving and protecting all sorts of life in mother earth . heavenly father is everywhere and within anything - whatever you do to anything, you do to yourself and to God.
Favor to consume anything fresh rather than cooked solid food, i.e. salads and fruits .
Fruits of all kinds, i.e. fruits, berries, nuts, natural cereal ... are of superiority in their vibration .

Select fruits and vegetables that have been grown with natural or no plant food in the least. Mulching is a innovative and very preservative system of meeting the demands of agriculture land .

Start fasting gently by first skipping meals or reducing meals.

Use herbal tea with caution and beware of the fact that herbs are medicine. One or two cups of the right herb tea may support the purification and best possible function of your body. However void repeated intake of one and the same tea over an extended period, unless your healer or doctors sanctioned or prescribed it. Remember that everything can be medicine and thus can be healing, but it always depends on the right time, the right dose and the proper dilution of that energy for any particular situation.

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