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  • should we do a full page of just scooter brands for easy reference?
  • rally calendar - "BS" input testing, such as:
                          events can only span 1 week without "special approval"
                          dates can only be 24 months in advance
                          REQUIRE only 5 (or 8) lines of description of rally.
                          REQUIRE url/link and or email contact.
                          LOVE TO HAVE.. possible to search rallies based on distance from your zipcode.
  • classified - auto resize of photos when submitted(like in the picture gallery)
  • classified - "BS" input testing, such as:
               REQUIRED Region pulldown: USA/CANADA, EU, Other
                        USA/CANADA REQUIRE Pulldown State/Province, Fillin City
                        EU Require Pulldown Country, Fillin City
                        Other Fillin Country, City 
               REQUIRED YEAR of scoot must be YYYY 1900-2007 (present year plus one)

Would like to see but not critical:

               REQUIRED PULLDOWN of scoots make to be:
   Vespa (including Allstate Vespa and Cushman Vespa)
   Lambretta (including Serveta, RIverside and Siambretta)
   Classic European Oddscoot (NSU,Zundapp,Rumi,MV Agusta,Maico,TWN,PUCH, Messerschmidt et al.)
   Cushman Non-Vespa
   Allstate Non-Vespa
   Kymco, T'NG, TGB
   Aprilia/Piaggio Non-Vespa
   Gilera, Italjet
   Malaguti, Derbi, Other Italian
   Honda, Yamaha
   Chinese Scooter

               EMAIL, sent with confirmation link before posting.
               Option for seller to email code to scoot.net autoreply to remove posting when sold.
               Archive of "sold" posts.

  • SSL irc connections for chat
  • RSS feeds for all albums, per-albums, or the temporary storage area
  • Phone pix upload email address and gallery
  • Classifieds: multiple photos, editing, flagging abuse
  • "Local Rides" feature for the calendar, listings classified by city
  • DONE ajax 'flag for rotation' link, so you dont have to hit 'back'
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