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There has been quite a lot of talk about the differences between male and female cannabis plants recently. Most people have no idea what is being talked about with this topic, however if you want to start a successful home based growing operation (which requires no outside input) having a feminized cannabis seed on hand will always ensure that the offspring of your existing plants is maintained.

Because of the higher pricing for feminized cannabis plants, we wanted to look at the best possible option for those who have an existing cannabis operation and are looking to expand. Being self-serving in this regard not only lowers the cost of the operation (because you dont need to keep buying seeds from suppliers), but it also allows you to grow your favourite varieties and create hybrid plants which suit your exact tastes.

Creating Your Own Hybrid Variation

Without going in to too much depth regarding how cross fertilization occurs in plants, we do want to touch on the topic of creating hybrids from feminized cannabis seeds. Essentially, if you want to create your own hybrid, you need to cross fertilize two different varieties to get the end result.

This is all there is to it. If you have bought hybrid seeds off the internet before, you are actually buying the end product of two crossed varieties of cannabis seeds. But this doesnt explain why you need a feminized cannabis seed to complete the process. Lets take a look at that now.

Why Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Important

Selecting a feminized cannabis seed is important much the same as choosing a real life partner is important for procreating. Ultimately, plants reproductive systems are based on the same theory as that of a human being, and the female plant needs to be fertilized by the male. These days, the majority of top yielding cannabis plants are male, and in some cases an entire garden will consist of male plants only.

Therefore, it is important that If you are looking to make your own hybrids or do your own cross breeding, you have a feminized cannabis seed on hand to help out.

Cost of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Because feminized versions of cannabis seeds are slightly rarer, the cost of these types of seeds will vary in the medium to upper ranges.

Many people find that when they buy a feminized cannabis seed, they will be informed of the following:

Price of $100 to $400 for the seeds.
Sometimes the seeds are out of stock for many weeks at a time.
Some suppliers dont stock specific types of feminized cannabis seeds due to their rarity.
Despite all of this, you are able to get your hands on some fantastic quality feminized cannabis seeds from online suppliers who will not charge you the world. Our advice would be to shop around to find the best possible deal each and every time you look to buy, as prices can change rapidly and without warning.

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