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The Vespa Gran Lusso, commonly known as the GL, is a motorscooter made by Piaggio from 1957 to 1965. At the time, it represented a middle-of-the-line scooter for Vespa. With it's 10" wheels and 150cc engine, it was more powerful and better-handling than it's 8" wheeled stablemates. In line with it's "middle child" status, it was not as powerful or equipped with the premium suspension provided on the Vespa Sport Models.



There are two primary versions of the Gran Lusso:

1957-1962: VGL1T, VGLA1T, VGLB1T

These models are largely similar to a Vespa VBB.

1962-1965: VLA1T

This model is the last scooter designed by Corradino D'Ascanio, creator of the original Vespa. It also represented a newer, more angular design than the rounded Vespas that preceded it. It has unique bodywork, so with the exception of the seats and the trapezoid headset, no body parts are shared with any other Vespa scooter.


The Vespa GL is among the least common models Piaggio produced. The VLA1T production run, for example, consisted of barely 80,000 units over 3 years. Unlike the SS, which was produced at the same time and in approximately the same numbers, the GL historically has not been a highly sought after model. This has changed over the last several years as collectors realized the unique place the GL occupies in Vespa's history. Prices are now starting to command a small but growing premium over VBBs and Sprints.


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