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Riding as a group should be different than just a bunch of individuals who happen to be going the same directon, though. Especially with larger groups, some division of labor is needed.

Group rides are organized and led by a person known as the Ride Sargent or Ride Captain. This person is responsible for determining the route and speed of the ride. The Ride Captain has final say over who goes on the ride, based on the individual rider's ability and equipment. The Ride Captain needs to ride in a way that will keep the group together, allow for breaks when needed, and not push the other riders past their ability.

Directly behind the Ride Captain are the least experienced riders and slowest scooters. This is so that the Ride Captain can see them and pace the group accordingly.

Next come the more experienced riders and faster scooters.

The last rider is the Sweep or Backdoor. Ideally, they should be able to communicate with the Ride Captain via radio, cell phone, walkie-talkie, etc. The Backdoor is there to help any rider who falls behind, breaks down or wrecks. It is a plus if the Backdoor has first-aid training, mechanical skill and is equiped to deal with any problems...

For large groups, it is helpful to have a few riders act as Road Gaurds. These very experienced riders, on very quick scooters, ride to the front of the group and block intersections to cross traffic. This allows the entire group to stop and pass through a stop sign en mass. While this keeps a large group together, prevents other traffic from becoming "trapped" in the pack, and enhances the safety of all is illegal as sin. Some police will understand the reasons for doing this and be cool, some will not.

With the exception of the Captain and Road Gaurds, all riders should try to ride in a staggered formation. This means the group is in one lane, with one scooter towards the right of the lane, the next towards the left side of the lane, then right, left, and so on. Each scooter should be at least two seconds behind the scooter directly in front of them and one second or more behind the scooter in front but in the other side of the lane.

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