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Very few classic scooters came with working turn signals or indicators. Even fewer of these scooters still have their "blinkers" intact.

AC Non-Battery

AC blinkers are slightly more complex to install than battery blinkers. You only need two items: a blinking module, and a switch.

To stabilize the electrical system, the indicators blink from front to back instead of both on at once and both off at once like the DC system does. The switch must have six wires for this to occur.

To minimize wiring, you can use the bar-end indicators as were popular in Germany and manufactured by Hella.

Good shops to talk to for this are Sportique and SCOMO.

Study the wiring diagrams at Scooterhelp

DC Battery

On a scooter with the battery intact, you can use standard car parts from the local automotive store.

see also How can I add signals to my non-battery scooter? see also blinker fluid

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