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As a blogger you always want to get more followers for free which can be accomplished by increasing your subscription rate! What is being addressed here is not how to generate traffic to your platform but rather how to get return visitors from the traffic you already have!

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to help increase the number of return visitors your blog gets from the people already navigating your site!

Make Subscribing Easy

The internet has become a 'point and click' environment where there are countless sources for your every needs and interests! In most cases if what people are looking for is not conveniently 'offered' to them they simply move on without batting an eye! When blogging you MUST make use of an RSS feed and this must be placed in a convenient and prominent location on your site! If you want to increase your subscription rate do NOT make people search for the subscribe button on your platform! Place it at the top right hand corner of your menus bar!

Display Your 'Unique' Side

Simply be yourself in terms of the positions you take, the personality you have and the way you make your point!! Give people something to remember or display a uniqueness that will compel them to come back! Not every\body will become one of your return visitors but those who do are the ones you need to focus on and keep satisfied!

Write NOT For Search Engines

Search engine traffic is terrific and is a great way to generate traffic however be mindful NOT to word your content just to appease search engines! Being overly consumed with using keywords just to get higher rankings and thus search engine traffic will only make what you composed difficult to read! You may get more people landing on your site but you won't get more return visitors and this is what you want!

Consistency Is Critical

Keep both your posting and the topics you are focusing on consistent so that people know what to expect! Why would people return if you do not post relevant content or worse yet you leave the site 'inactive' for extended periods of time?

Don't Hold Back

Your opinions or quotes may be inflammatory however this also catches the attention of people! When those who land on your blog take exception or agree with what you post they typically leave a comment! These comments actually serve as social proof to anybody visiting your site for the first time! This compels people to read more of what you offer and if they like what they see it will help increase your subscription rate!

In order to get more followers for free on your blog you'll want to focus on increasing the rate of return visitors from your existing traffic! As important as it is to generate traffic when blogging you must be mindful of how best to entice these people to come back! The 5 tips discussed here today focus primarily on improving the subscription rate to your site using the visitors you have already! Your success as a blogger is ultimately measured by the number of return visitors you have and these 5 tips will help you increase this number!

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