Im hella late but hostels london Sabotage runs hard Thats goodmusic right there


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It would be nice if life had a pause & rewind button, but it doesn't, so think first, then act *ai todos os followers pensam "lá vai da doida tuitando besteira* "Everything turns out alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end." -Someone else 's rebuttal to Lorne Gunter's revisionist take on AB's political history:. I got to give it up for the homies one time. My is on point

Happy Birthday Anupam. And do pass any excess wisdom this way. Preferably wrapped in that famous humour of yours !Have a great life amigo. Los demas suenan cuando estamos de vacaciones :):):)jajaja en mayo se les acaba to!! Att la leyenda yandel El disco esta muy fuerte! If mi give yuh love till di day i die. Lmaooo you did?! Oh God x_x I gave you the right one lol

We're producing a new Ronnie Wood box set.Hear a bit of it on Ronnie's show on Absolute Classic Rock tonight at 8pm. CARAS via : / , : / / ... GUISADO MOIDO kkkkkk Te lo mando por DM :) the amount of hostels london loves I give < 0 Só isso que tenho a dizer pra vocês antis, nunca serão, jamais nos intenderam, podem criticar, nada vai nos abalar, sou GAVIÃO sou CORINGÃO!

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