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Imperial Scooter Club, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the Southeast's largest scooter club. Its members own a wide variety of scooters, including vintage and new, two and four-stroke, twist 'n go and shifters.

The club coalesced in a very natural fashion, but the genesis most likely traces back to January 2002 when Chris "Supergome©" Schachte started the Scootlanta message board, and "Buzz Bomb" Kirk, made that first, now infamous post. Shortly thereafter, a few of the charter members of Scootlanta (namely Kirk, Chris, Kenyon, Hallie, Stan and Cathy) began semi-regular Sunday afternoon meetings at a local bar called The Vortex. While these meetings were always enthusiastic, they were marred by low and haphazard attendance.

Meanwhile another local scooter posse, Motoretta Atlanta led by Christian "Cutlass" Cutler and Cameron Coltharp, were trying to recruit riders for their long-distance rideouts to Athens, Georgia and elsewhere. In May 2002, Cameron joined the Scootlanta message board and invited everyone out to another local watering hole, aptly named The Local and, to use an overworked cliché, the rest is history. On the fateful night of May 15th, the members of Scootlanta combined with Motoretta to form what is now The Imperial Scooter Club, and thus began the first of regular Wednesday night meetings of scooter riding, trivia playing, drunkenness, good-natured fighting, occasional nudity, and general jackassery. Of course, not knowing when to stop, we almost always end up moving the madness to a second locale after trivia (which is actually a thinly veiled way to get a group ride in) where the hijinks have been known to creep into the early morning hours.




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