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The Incriminators Vintage Scooter Club is a scooter club located in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina. Most members are now in Durham, although it was formerly concentrated in Chapel Hill. They are dedicated to the riding, repair, tuning, and restoration of classic and vintage scooters. Most of the club members own Vespas, but a few Lambrettas can be found as well.

Their annual rally falls on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend every year; called Freeze Your Balls Off or FYBO (fie-bow), it happens during the coldest time of year. Because of the variable North Carolina weather, it has been known to hit 65degrees during the day, but freezing rain, sleet, and snow have also put in appearances.

The Incriminators are proud of their wrenching skills, beer consuption, and late-night tomfoolery at rallies.

To earn a patch, potential members must ride to a rally across state lines. the other (incomplete) rules of the club are as follows:

  1. - We didn't do it
  2. - I certainly didn't do it
  3. - Never be afraid to sell a brother out
  4. - Never leave a man behind
  5. - Do unto others before they do unto you
  6. - See rule number 3
  7. - Take and ye shall receive

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