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Produced the Velocifero, Torpedo, Formula and the Dragster.

The Velocifero was the first modern "retro" scooter to be sold in the USA. It featured a metal Vespa-clone body with an automatic Morini engine.

They went into liquidation a in 2003/4 and sold all the tooling for producing their scooters to Kinetic of India.

Italjet was founded by Leopoldo Tartarini.

They have promised 4 stroke Dragsters in the near future and the website is now back online as of November 2006.



Dragster - 50cc, 125cc, 180cc

Formula - 50cc, 125cc

Velocifero - 50cc - retro monocoque scooter

Torpedo - 50cc, 125cc

Jet Set - modern scooter with styling that echoes the Audi TT

Scooop - 3 wheeler, never produced, (see Piaggio MP3)

Amarcord - retro looking motorcycle, never produced


Now, two Italjet companies exist. The Indian company Kinetic has most of the models, while the Italian firm retains the Dragster and is developing new models.[1]


Velocifero - rumored to be reintroduced to the USA

Millenium aka JetSet


Diamo Partnership

It was announced in January 2007 that Italjet will be reentering the US with Italian made bikes through the distribution of Diamo. [2]

These models will include:

Dragster 50cc - presumably powered by a Piaggio engine

Dragster 250cc - with a Piaggio Quasar engine

Roller Craft 50cc - a new odd looking model reminiscent of the Lambretta Vega, with a 50cc Piaggio engine

Torpedo 150cc


Griffon 650cc - motorcycle produced by Hyosung

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