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The Lambretta Club USA (LCUSA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the preservation and enjoyment of vintage Lambretta scooters


Any motorscooter made from original Innocenti tooling from 1947- 1971 or Lambrettas that were manufactured under license in such countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chili, India and Spain, sometimes under other names but always to the original design (for example, API in India, and Siambretta in South America). Currently metal bodied, twostroke Lambrettas are still being built from “new old stock” with “re-produced vintage” parts from India.

  • Encourage the exchange of information and expertise to the public in the service and preservation of Lambretta motor vehicles.
  • Strive continually to promote the image of Lambretta motor vehicles in local communities and on state and national levels.
  • Support all efforts to improve the development and distribution of Lambretta motor vehicles products and services, related to the preservation and use of the vehicles.
  • Support and seek to improve available Lambretta motor vehicle products and services; and to refrain from attacking unfairly the products, services, or methods of others.
  • Encourage members to refrain from the use of misleading advertising in the sale of Lambretta motor vehicle products or services and to seek to be honest and fair in all exchanges.

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