Learning How To Build Lean Muscle Mass

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Read on for some simple advice on how to build lean muscle mass. Perhaps you have been working our for a while with little to no results.

In order to gain some lean muscle mass you must focus on how much weight you are working with and the amount you are lifting it. If you want lean muscle mass you have to put a lot of effort in with high weight high intensity work outs. If you are failing to see any big gains you must not be pushing yourself as much as you could.

Some people can think they are doing enough, the fact is they are not actually lifting as much as they could. When in the gym look at the people who are the kind of shape you want to be. Would you say you are pushing yourself as much as they do? You have to really work hard. Effort is the key to building lean muscle mass.

A common mistake is to increase reps whilst working out more. This will not get the results you want. More reps more often is not the way to go, you will find yourself losing weight but not gaining any muscle mass.

The solution is not more repetitions. Lifting greater weight at a higher intensity is what you need to do. The ideal situation is that you work out for a shorter period of time, with less frequency, but you work your muscles much harder than you are now. To acquire lean muscle, you need to work out less but with more intensity.

Take an inventory of the weight you have been lifting and then start to increase it. Are you even aware of how much weight you're capable of lifting? You should be able to answer that question almost immediately when asked. And that answer will be your benchmark from this point forward if you want to be able to have that lean muscle mass you're striving for.

Another thing to be aware of is what you're eating and how you eat it. Building up lean muscle mass requires your diet contain a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and low fat. You also want to change your eating patterns from eating bigger meals less often, or actually cutting down on what you're eating, to switching over to eating 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day.

Here are a few more important points to remember about how to build lean muscle mass. What you need to be focusing on is an increase in the amount of weight you're working with as well as your level of intensity as you lift. This is the combination you need to achieve the desired results you want.

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