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Lemonade diet (their website)

Celebrities including Beyoncé and Jared Leto have claimed to use the “Lemonade Diet” supplement making it very popular very quickly. Beyoncé even announced on the Oprah Winfrey show about losing 20 lbs for her role on “Dreamgirls” using the “Lemonade Diet”. It comes with a low calorie meal plan and exercise program. It is supposed to curb the appetite (especially for cravings) and help lose weight. On this diet meant to last only ten days, you are not allowed to eat any solid food or drink any alcoholic beverages. Then, after the ten days you can gradually add solid food back into your diet with fruits and veggies. After that, the plan will be restricted to very little meat for example only consuming fish, turkey, and chicken, but no dairy. This plan does call for a high level of effort on part of the consumer. So to help you stick with it, the plan does offer free support groups and discussions. There is also, available online coaches but that would be an additional 9.95 per month. The only required costs are buying the ingredients for this plan.
Lemons being the main focus ingredient are grown in various places around the world but originally native to Asia. This is a fruit said to be one of the best nutrient rich foods of the world today. So using the “Master Cleanse” will not deprived you of all nutrients but sustain you. To follow the diet you must obtain easy to find ingredients. The Lemonade Diet, also known as the “Master Cleanse” should include lemons, salt-water, cayenne pepper, herbal tea laxative, and grade B maple syrup. Mix portions of these ingredients with 8 fluid ounces of water, 6-12 times a day. About ten days (potentially sooner) of use and you will drop weight and detoxify your intestinal tract. This plan will also help eliminate cravings for bad foods and even drugs from the cleansing of the body. This plan, if followed strictly to instructions is practically guaranteed to cause weight loss.

The “Lemonade Diet” is a supplemental system and not meant to replace a healthy diet and activity; it is only meant to boost your results when needing to lose some weight. This is a short term diet that should only be used 1 or two times a year to lose some extra weight quickly. If taken long term with the diet meal plan, and with so few nutrients, you “could” suffer from losing muscle mass, bone mass, and dehydration. So, the “Lemonade Diet” should be viewed as a “once in a while” detox product and not a long term solution to weight loss and dieting.

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