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Obrigador por me seguir I swear Ally & Austin is based off of a boy that is a cross of Justin Bieber and Cody simpson.... Following my dawg ... Weirdest waitor ever wtf...... I respect u if you respect me off top. You should neevr have those kind of pictures in your phone thoo.. justsayin Sprinkling cocaine on a little kid's powdered donut when he isn't looking...YOLO Cite20BandasDeRockDeVerdade 11- A day to remember SignsYourSonMightBeGay He keeps wanting to play games.. "dude lets see who's is bigger"... "-_- we just PLAYED this game shooo"

I'll kill you. Yajuuuuu primer dia de pasantia en la Escuela y estoy feliiiiiiiiz :) Cuenta la leyenda que antes de ser directioner, yo solía tener una clase de órganos reproductores llamados ovarios. oh emg knp dia iri sm kalian ? 0202 =] Haha. I been Acer Timeline repair toronto up and showered and stuff , I was just laying here when I got out. Knew it,that fella is either with you or wee sheng. Walking around the school like a boss. Lol Yeah i'm not perfect but I don't want to be. Here's a re-work of The Fauns - The Sun Is Cruising, courtesy of . Shoegaze Indie Alternative

Muito importante esta campanha! 'Rote Karte dem Schlaganfall': Ballack als Schirmherr hey there's this new thing called texting, I think you should try it lol Ay, te amo. JustinAndBeliebersTrueLove MUAHHH =] RT Muahhh :* ! Enjoying social media going into rumour overdrive about whether Kanye & JayZ are at Shoreditch High St station. Já volto! A 34ft memorial to Lincoln made only out of books written about him! Which Canadian has that many tomes? Macdonald? 53. ¿La cación más fea/ridicula/ o sin sentido que hayas escuchado? Tírate un paso - Wachiturros :)

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