Medway Maulers


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The Medway Maulers are a small club out of Medway, Ohio. Joining Dayton's Gem City Rollers for civilized events, and riding wild and crazy on their own, the Maulers prove that there can be a 1% scooter club. Hide the women, beer, cornhole sets and club politics, it's ALL about the ride with the Maulers!


Only the FBI know for certain. Full membership requires a scooter road kill, prison time, teaching experience and a passion for riding.The Maulers have also been hired as the muscle for several scooter events. Most Maulers love icecream.


With the Gem City Rollers of Dayton reorganizing in 2007, the Maulers organized a mini-rally that became known as the Camp Birch ride in. For 2008, the Maulers chose to help the A Roll in the Hay rally in Dayton with cooking and gymkanha support. js

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