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In many of the brands of the blade cue is very few in the production, the MP-14 Mizuno, MP-29, Cleveland TA-1, Ben Hogen Apex, Mac Gregor, Orlimar PG-64,, etc, all is belongs to pure cue series back.

The Cavity-back cue took the whole golf more than 98% of the market, usually sunken back type cues have more distribution in the center of gravity of the cue face around, so is to belong to the design of the low center of gravity plus around the average distribution center of gravity to produce I only play golf with Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons last year larger sweet point, thus became the mainstream of the market.

The Cavity-back cue on off-center can produce error allow for larger, in other words even if the ball friend had weightlifting sweet point is center, also can put the ball into the goal of more easily, and in the distance it can appear to be excellent, will not be deviation and distance because hitting reduced many.

The Cavity-back cues are most of the way by casting manufacturing, the manufacturing process of the process they like Taylormade R11 irons in that pro shopand waste for consumption, thus reduce artificial less many production cost and can be a lot of manufacturing.

Most of the cues on the market, such as: Callaway X-14, HawkEye iron, Titleist 981, Taylor and photographs of the Steel Super fan, is to belong to casting of the sunken back type cue.
Many fans call ask: "since the sunken back type is easy to use, for cues what still have many professional players use live type cues? Actually, the reason is very simple, because the sunken back type cue will be produced by mistake to strike the vibration to bottom out, make the players didn't way is very clear recognition of their strike every ball to whether they expected effect, so in feel the sensitivity of have a little fuzzy.

We now introduce you to a strong Grip (Strong Grip) . Strong Grip on the PGA Tour is a mainstream, fewer and fewer people use natural grip method. The following two players Tiger Wood and David Duval they use a strong grip way to play.

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