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There are a few pieces of iconic jewelry that women - no matter what their personal style - would love to have in their collection. Monogram jewelry is one of these categories of jewelry.
Classic, elegant, and beautiful, monogram jewelry generally is a piece in the shape of an initial or initials. You'll also see engraved monogram jewelry, which is also very popular.

When selecting a piece of monogram jewelry, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various styles of monograms. One style may fit a person's personality better than another style, so it is great to know options ahead of picking the piece. When picking out a piece that will be a gift, think about the personality of the gift recipient, and then try to match their characteristics up with a type of lettering that captures their essence.

Block lettering is the first style available in monogram jewelry. You might consider having initials made in this style, often befitting males. Block lettering is the default "male" style of monogramming, with its bold and strong classic look. This monogram typically appears in all capitals, which serves to further bolster the robust look.

Female Block monograms appear as First, Last, Middle where the initial for the last name sits in the center, and is larger than the flanking initials.
Cursive style monograms is often used for names, written text, and dates. Cursive appears as interlocking, so it appears continuous as cursive appears in writing. Cursive is a lovely choice for women who enjoy the feminine, delicate look. It also offers a compact way of presenting longer written text.

Greek lettering is popular with those who are associated with fraternities and sororities. Perhaps you're proud of your affiliation with your college Greek organization, and want to display it. Perhaps you need the perfect gift for a friend who is in a Greek organization. This style of monogram initials is perfect.

Round letter is another popular style of monogram jewelry. The monogram appears as First, Last, Middle with the last initial being the largest in the center. The set of initials will be round, like a circle, with the flanking initials having rounded edges.

Interlocking script is another style of monogram, and is generally used for females. Script is ornate with flourish, so it definitely has a feminine look to it, more so than cursive. These monograms typically appear as First, Last, Middle, with the largest initial in the center.

There are plenty of styles of monograms to choose from when selecting your monogram jewelry. Choosing the right style for your taste is easy when you know all of your options.

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