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I called this day as the hallmark day in the history of Shimlaites, for this day to be hailed forever in the annals of Shimla city as the grand day of inauguration of �SHIMLA MONORAIL'.

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Yes, Shimla has its own Monorail. Small, yet futuristic it is. Yes friends! It's here in front of us. The far dream of yesteryears has just materialized. What was considered to be un-wanted investment by experts for a city of 2.2 lakh citizens in 2011, is now a city boasting about its monorail network of 14 km length in Phase-I and another 11 km in waiting for Phase -II, to be completed by 2020.

What made it possible?
Perhaps India and China has learned to grow as friends, embracing democracy, and the universal values and beliefs. The long-standing disputes are being resolved on a cordial note and cross-border trade and development is taking up a new phase in history of both the nations.
The multi-trillion investments in weaponry are diverted for infrastructure development by both the nations.
It's the ubiquitous awe-inspiring beauty of the hills and the tourism potential alone powered by the rock-solid determination of a young generation of bureaucrats, politicians and the entrepreneurs who revived the city from dangling on the brink of collapse for years.

Perhaps, the old bureaucracy and politics has trained us to live with the woes for years, the water woes, the transportation woes and crumbling age-old infrastructure. Perhaps, in 2009-10 city planners and the so-called year-plan think tank had once pumped some 100 buses on its already choked narrow artery.
All of a sudden 100 busses were pumped in a city, which is crippling under its existing fleet of numbered private vehicles. Definitely, there is something wrong with the think-tank. Ignoring congestion, staggering land use, pollution and other sustainable issues like changing climate, especially a decade of negligible snowfall worried the establishment more.

So in the name of development, the city was pumped with vehicles, small and big alike. (100 busses under JNURM scheme! Is there adequate parking space? How much these additional busses are adding to the congestion, one had seen it then,)
The solution, on the other hand lay in a well-designed and implemented futuristic Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS); a system to move people rather than vehicles; to conserve environment than to pollute it. It's a spark which was supported by city's 2.3 million strong annual tourist base in 2010, which now stands at 3.0 million. The city has grown from 2.2 lakh to 3.5 lakhs in five years.

This rapid urban transformation, an image makeover, has been possible with a single spark, to make it the best livable city in the world make it most walkable and pedestrian and cyclist friendly city on the face of earth.

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