Physical Wellness Needs Curing Of Your Soul


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By fine tuning your inner wellness, your physical wellness and body will cure through the force of flowing passion.

For a complete wellness - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical - a few simple rules should be followed by all human beings to further improve their overall shape of the present physical body.

First we may need to understand that many eating disorders are compensatory conduct - to compensate for emotional and or mental imbalance within that person and imbalance between that human being and its surrounding environs. Hence establishing happiness and balance within yourself on the mental and emotional level is the primary precedence for all.

While many complicated and very strict diets are being issued, for a truly spiritual God seeker there is no rigorous principles. However a few unproblematic but effective and important principles will allow you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Consume only organic food, raised in a natural and biological surround, free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Choose vegetables and salads that have been producing in outdoors and sunshine to avoid any glasshouse merchandises. Glasshouse products may look nicer and be big in size but are far deficient in their quality in regard to metaphysical energy content demanding higher quantities to nearly meet your needs of energy, natural vitamins and minerals.

Avoid any genetically modified nutrient, components or food product. Use holistic herbal herbs, whenever possible fresh herbs, rather than commercially manufactured spice mixes.

Avoid canned or otherwise fabricated food whenever possible - it is always possible, if you really want to!.

Eat fresh raw vegetables as salad or fresh sun-ripened fruits in the daily diet.

Refrain from chemical vitamins and minerals and take fresh salads or fruits instead - year round. In winter you may eat a variety of nuts and air dried natural fruits - free of any preservatives to compensate for missing fresh fruits or vegetables.

If you are a vegetarian - drink about 1 to 2 liter of pure fresh spring water to aid your body to purge out any debris of food and to equilibrate its liquid system. Soft drinks and bottled juices are far deficient to fresh water or fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

Learn to use the huge variety of far more than 100 different herb tea available to further help your body in equilibrating its energy system and protect your health and well being. Learn to grow your own fresh herbs or collect your own herbs in your surrounding nature as a source of clean and naturally produced herbs - for free. Remember that herbal medicine is thousands of years old and - the right way applied - is highly potent. Just keep in mind old saying of "there is a herb against any illness".

A free and direct flow of real love to others and from others reduces the need of compensatory eating disorders and compensatory behavior. A soul lives from Love - once you have freed yourself from your cycle of reincarnation.

True treating of body, mind and soul needs to reconnect with God, to exercise advanced meditation methods to retune your total life until you have achieved to conduct a life in love with all creation. Open for Supreme Being and learn again to feel God's guidance in your life. To find more on Philippines beautiful nature pictures – WikiIKTnet. Learn to experience what is good or detrimental for you as a spiritual being inside a physical body and rearrange your life until harmony inside and outside has been accomplished.

Learn our heavenly father 's pedagogies of love to manage your lifespan in a caring way and enjoy a lifetime of passion and felicity until one with heavenly father . The sacred science of Jesus Christ Kriya Yoga will assist you to reconnect with heavenly father until you accomplish oneness with God . Until you are one with Our all heavenly father.

A life in equilibrium with God and character always results in outstanding health. Live amidst wonderful character, a straightforward life but pleased living in health now is easier to take pleasure from than a life in material wealth but ruined health. Follow Jesus teachings of love and move to normal farming rather than factory prepared as well as genetically modified food. Organic God produced natural food always is the greatest food to balance your quality of life and wellbeing.

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