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The Fuji Rabbit was a motor scooter produced in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries from 1946 through 1968. Production of the initial model, the S-1 began in 1946, some six months before the Vespa went into production[1] and was largely inspired by scooters used by American servicemen during and after World War II. Eventually the Fuji Rabbit scooters evolved into some of the most technologically sophisticated scooters of their era, featuring electric starters, automatic transmissions and pneumatic suspension systems. The Fuji Rabbit scooters were the first Japanese made scooters capable of reaching speeds in excess of 60mph.

As the Japanese economy expanded, the demand for scooters decreased in favor of more comfortable four wheel transport, and Fuji diversified into automobiles in 1958 with the introduction of the Subaru 360. The last Fuji scooter rolled off the production line in June of 1968.

The main importer for North America was the American Rabbit Corporation.

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