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The Scooter Cannonball Run is a bi-annual coast-to-coast "endurance challenge" taking ten days and covering a different route each time. Typical days involve 300-400 miles of non-highway riding with the occasional dirt road thrown in for spice. Participants are broken up into classes based on engine displacement and automatic or standard transmission. Unlike the Iron Butt motorcycle rallies, participants typically all take the same route, although that isn't required, and don't race non-stop. Everyone sets out at approximately the same time each morning, from the same location, and ends at the same location in the evening with riders frequently hanging out afterwards and staying at the same motel.

The event organizers provide no support along the way but riders are encouraged to pool their money to pay for support vehicles if they want to. Pitching in to help each other when the need arises seems to be a common train of SCR participants.



  • 2004 Virginia to California
  • 2006 Oregon to New Jersey
  • 2008 San Francisco CA to Rehoboth Beach DE
  • 2010 Vancouver BC to Portland ME.


For the purposes of the 2010 SCR a scooter is a two or three wheeled vehicle that satisīŦes AT LEAST ONE of the following conditions:

  • unit construction of engine, transmission and rear swingarm.
  • wheels no larger than 13in.
  • originally equipped with a step-through style frame.
  • originally equipped with running boards or leg shield.

2010 Classes

In 2010 the classes are

  • Manual 200: Scooter with manual transmission not more than 202cc displacement
  • Auto 190: Scooter with automatic transmission not more than 195cc displacement
  • Manual 250: Scooter with manual transmission not more than 252cc displacement
  • Auto 250: Any scooter with automatic transmission not more than 252cc
  • Support: Any scooter of any size. Points will not be awarded for this class

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