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There are many alternatives for shipping a scooter in the U.S. Here are some:

  • [Forward Air] - The most commonly used service for shipping scooters. Depots are only available at airports, so your proximity to one affects its usefullness. Pickup service is not offered - you must deliver the scooter to their terminal yourself. You can use your own crate, or one of Forward Air's at cost. They do offer motorcycle crates. For pickup, you must dispose of the crate if a non-Forward Air crate was used.
  • [Greyhound] - Yup, the same company that offers bus service. They will ship packages for very cheap, however you must break down the scooter into smaller parts in order to fit. Whole scooters have been shipped this way for very cheap. Be sure to package the parts well and you shouldn't have a problem. Probably the cheapest alternative, get what you pay for.
  • [UShip] - A bidding style shipping service. Basically, you bid on available space offered in other people's stowage area.
  • [Freight Quotes] - Whether shipping across the country or internationally, you can compare the rates from over 40 different companies at once.
  • [Freight Rates] - Regional and international shipping service. Low freight rates.
  • [American Freightways] - is USA's friendly frieght Shipping Company and American Freightways is one of the full service freight shipping company which offer wide range of truck freight options.
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