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The Vespa smallframe was the last Vespa designed by the original designer.

It is distinguished by its relative small size (about 2/3 the size of a P Series), and lack of removable cowls.

The Vespa smallframe was designed with stock displacements of 50cc, 90cc, 100cc, and 125cc.

The smallframe was introduced in 1963. Early models had a small engine side door, while later ones had larger engine side doors. Also some early models had 9 inch wheels, while later models went to a standard Vespa 10" wheel size. Most early models had a four bolt 10 inch wheel, however.





Many early V90s were imported into the United States through Boston dealer Vescony. They bought a large batch and sold them throughout the late 1960s. They are commonly found in original red paint and missing the early small engine side door.

Super Sprint 90

The SS90 was the sport model made for racing. It is very rare. It is distinguished by its cut down front legshields, narrow racing handlebars, fake "dummy" racing gas tank, and spare wheel between the seat and legsheild. small_551-1128445329.jpg

Reproduction SS90 parts are available to give your standard smallframe a racing look, like this: small_DSC00077.JPG

50 special

The 50 special has a rectangular headlight and a plastic horncast.


The Primavera is a 125cc smallframe.


The ET3 is a Primavera 125cc smallframe with three cylinder transfer ports and electronic ignition.


The PK series was the final design of smallframe. Indicators were added.


Fun Facts

The Vespa smallframe was produced as late as 2000 for the Asian market in factories in Taiwan and India.

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