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A nickname for Chris Schachte, which entered wide usage at 2001's Fist City rally in the mountains of North Georgia.

The origins of the term go back to Schachte's place of employment at the time, a small office which contained some rather unusual characters. One of his fellow employees, Jeffrey, who was employed as the firm's writer, alanically had significant trouble with English spelling and vocabulary. As the office was set up on an open plan with no walls or divisions, Jeffrey had gotten in the habit of simply yelling out his English questions to the office at large for advice and ridicule. Along with allowing his coworkers to provide him with the correct usage, it also allowed them to collect a dictionary of Sadeemisms, named after Jeffrey's name for the ruler of Iraq, Sadeem Hussan. For example, to Jeffrey, the ring road which encircles Atlanta is known as "the Parameter."

One afternoon, Jeffrey called out to no one in particular. "The word 'gome' has silent 'n,' right?" The question was met at first with a resounding silence, as no one could figure out what the hell he was talking about. Gradually, it dawned on the assembled coworkers that Jeffrey was trying to spell the word "gnome." When the ensuing festival of hilarity had exhausted itself, the word "gome" quickly entered the office lexicon, and in time came to mean, "One who is especially knowledgeable about a subject or particularly adept at a task."

Schachte was responsible for the maintenance of the company's computers, and so he quickly became known as the office "computer gome." As such, he spent a fair bit of time working with Jeffrey on problems which were usually neglible and easily resolved. One day Jeffrey called out, "I can't print," to which Schachte responded with "Reboot your computer." When that simple advice resolved his troubles, Jeffrey exclaimed in his amazement, "Wow, you're a super gome." With that, Schachte began to be called "Supergome" around the office.

After being somewhat active on the TwoStrokeSmoke mailing list for some time, around this point, Schachte began posting to the International Scooterist BBS using the handle "Chris Supergome." Some scooterists, particularly the Incriminators, had partially adopted the term by the time Fist City scheduled a camping rally in the North Georgia mountains in October, 2001.

Schachte arrived early at the rally, as he was arriving from nearby Atlanta. Because this was his first scooter rally experience and he didn't really know what he was doing yet and was tired from a long weekend of work, Schachte drank a couple of beers and then went to sleep in his car relatively early. An indeterminate amount of time later, the Incriminators arrived at the rally site. Being the exuberant types that they are, they wished to see and greet their friend, and attempted to locate him with hearty bellows of "SUPERGOME!" which they reportedly repeated at irregular intervals well into the morning.

Upon awakening the next morning after sleeping through the whole incident, Schachte was surprised to note that the only topic of conversation over breakfast seemed to be speculation regarding exactly what the fuck a "supergome" was and why it had been shouted all night. Once the situation had been explained, the name was indelibly stuck.

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