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The Vespa T5 is based on the P-series body, but with a large rectangular headset(complete with fuel gauge and tachometer), further sloped horncast, extended angled-off tail end, and a front spoiler.

The engine contains a 125cc top end, but with aggressive porting to give speeds in excess of 70mph. Later variations such as the T5 Classic and T5 Millenium had the same body design as the later model PX series, but contained the 5 port 125cc engine (not to be confused with the alleged 5 port 150cc engine found in the Stella, the two are quite different and top ends are not interchangeable between them).



Model: VNX5T
1985 - 1993
dry weight: 247 lbs
note: not imported to the USA


engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
barrel: 5 transfer ports
induction: disc valve
bore: 55 mm
stroke: 52 mm
cubic capacity: 123 cc
compression ratio: 11.3: 1
bhp at rpm: 12.07 @6700rpm
lubrication: 2% (autolube available)


transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
1st gear: 16.43: 1
2nd gear: 10.98: 1
3rd gear: 7.60: 1
4th gear: 5.83: 1
clutch: wet - multiplate


carburetor: Dell'Orto SI 24/24 G
venturi size: 24 mm
main jet: 110/100
slow running jet w/air hole: 100/100
slow running jet w/out air hole: 50/100
throttle valve: 8492.05
mixer tube: BE 4
main jet calibrator: 120/100
starter jet: 60/100


ignition: electronic
ignition timing: 16 deg. BTDC
voltage: 12 volt


wheels: 10"
wheel hubs: cast w/cooling fins tires: 3.50 x10 tire pressure (front): 18 psi tire pressure (rear solo): 26 psi tire pressure (rear w/passenger): 36 psi

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