This case of the Mondays is probably gonna last me all week long


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bem bonitos mesmos vc deve ficar Linda VESTIDA COM QUALQUER UM , TENHO CERTEZA ! BJO rindo de piadas internas KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK stop messageing me abuse hahaha, zo true Quotes: Whenever you hear a man speak of his love for his country, it is a sign that he expects to be paid for it - H. L. Mencken 1 Answer: Mworago Kiss Mes who got it: CHUKKAE!!! :D <-- Follow them too!^_^

what yall do today... Where can you find homes for change in the UK? haha k wist het, kijk dan maar even op je mailals je wilt;$ BOYFRIEND IN 16 DAYS!!! AHHHHHHHHH! hyped Until they can figure out a way to win on the road consistently, I don't see them getting past Oklahoma City. OKEEEE HERE COMES SPAM.

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