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Adding money to your PayPal account. Many people have money deposited within their PayPal accounts as payments for goods and services. Whether it is selling a product or service online or providing services including freelance writing, thousands of people are paid via PayPal.
But PayPal also provides buyer services that enable PayPal members to make secure purchases with PayPal without exposing their bank account or charge card information.
There is a PayPal card available you can use for debit/credit purchases and ATM withdraws direct from one's PayPal account.
Adding money to your PayPal account makes sure that you have the funds available to generate online purchases without resorting to your bank card or bank checking account numbers.
There are 3 ways to add money for your PayPal account without having to be a seller.
Link your bank-account.
You can link multiple bank accounts in your PayPal be the cause of both withdraws and deposits. Once logged in, find the 'Add Funds' option under the 'My Account' tab. Select 'Add Funds from Bank Account'.
If you already have a bank account linked you are able to electronically transfer money from your bank-account to your PayPal account. If not you can add a bank-account under the same option.
You'll be asked to verify the account by confirming the quantities of two small deposits to your bank-account within a day or two from PayPal.
Set up scheduled deposits with PayPal Money Market Fund.
You can link your existing bank accounts to your PayPal account and also have regularly scheduled deposits changed to your PayPal account.
This can be done within the 'Add Funds' option underneath the 'My Account' tab. Select 'Balance Manager' through the drop down menu.
Enroll inside PayPal Money Market Fund program that enables you to earn interest on the money you deposit inside your PayPal account through scheduled automatic deposits.
Request money.
You can request money from friends and family to fund your PayPal account. Select the 'Request Money' tab and enter the e-mail address of the people you are requesting money from. Enter the amount and select 'continue'. You'll be prompted to get in a custom e-mail message for the person and confirm the amount requested. The custom e-mail is optional. Once you select 'request money' the e-mail will likely be sent towards the person or people whose e-mail you've entered.
They will get the e-mail and be able to send money by way of a secure link inside e-mail should they choose to deliver money. They do not need to have a PayPal account for you money in your account.
You can readily add funds to your PayPal accounts with one of these methods and keep your banking account and bank card numbers safe while shopping online having a PayPal account.

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