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So, I was just reading an article about a tax being imposed on timeshare owners in Myrtle Beach. This tax would be imposed to bring in money for the state's tourism products to be marketed. It seemed like another thing that timeshare owners now have to deal with. It got me thinking about all the people who have timeshares right now and already want to sell but are having trouble. Now they may be even more desperate to fall into the hands of companies like Prudential West. Companies that will offer you a quick and easy fix to your problem and then charge you fees and never sell your timeshare. You get tricked into working with them and pay them the fees they charge, but then never get the results that you were promised.

I think of the many people that own timeshares in Myrtle beach and then are now being charged with extra taxes that they don't feel are right. Now they may be looking to sell their timeshare and then end up falling into the hands of a company like Prudential West that offer a timeshare exit strategy. These methods that they use and promises that they make are wrong and it is unfair that they offer them and get away with it. If I was a timeshare owner looking to sell and didn't already know about these agencies then I would probably fall victim to them too and pay their fees and get no results.

I know that certain resale companies are real and can provide someone with help selling their timeshare. I also know about companies that make promises they cannot keep and scam people out of their money. Like I mentioned, Prudential West is a company that will use these tactics to get people to try and sell their timeshare with them. I just hope that the people who want to sell their timeshares and avoid these new taxes can successfully sell their timeshare and avoid these scams.

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