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Tips on Choosing a Domain:
1.'s Domain Name that matches the theme of your blog or site For example, you blog about the Health Domain appropriate example
2. Choose a domain name that is not too complicated but easy to remember and adjust the location of the target.
For example: a blog about the health domain This Domain is not complicated and easy to remember. This means that the target location of the target audience of your blog later. If the target audience is only local (Indonesian) domain should use Indonesian.

3. Try searching for TLD domains. Com Because Domain TLD. Com Top Level Domain is the highest. If the domain you want is already in use, try using the link for way. And if your desired domain actually been used, then you try to use other TLD domains.
And according to the content of your blog or website.
4. Avoid using the domain name that smells sara You please be careful in choosing a domain, Do not let your domain using words or similar redistributed. As this will cause your blog or website will be blacklisted by the search engines which in turn will adversely impact on visitor traffic.

5.'s Domain is SEO Friendly If your domain is in accordance with the theme of your blog or website so now you think that your domain SEO Friendly as this will facilitate the unreadable blog and your website in the search engines.
Tips on Choosing Hosting:
1. Ensure choose hosting that suits your needs and the type of website or blog.
2. Choose Server Hosting in accordance with the target Visitor of your blog. (Server Hosting USA, SGP, IIX, etc.). If you are vistor targets of local (Indonesian) then choose Server Hosting IIX and vice versa.

3.'s Hosting that has Full Features such as PHP, MySQL, subdomains, etc..
4. Sure check the speed of the hosting that you will rent. Can the tool in website
5. Ensure that you select the Hosting Service has a good service. If you can that has a 24 hour service.
6. Ensure Space and Bandwidth suit your needs. Bandwidth must be large if necessary Unlimited if your site does require a large bandwidth.

7. Find information about the hosting service provider that you choose to associate our Forums or more tau.
8. Hosting is a place to store your important files, and therefore choose one that has a good security service. If you need a guarantee. (For It can be asked related to Sales Hosting Providers).
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