Top Five Exercises for Cellulite Reduction


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One of the affordable means of minimizing those lumps and dumps on your skin is to move your body. To appreciate the advantages of regular exercises for cellulite reduction, you should first understand how this detested skin problem plagues many women.

Fat is one of the nutrients the body needs. Like carbohydrates and protein, it produces calories, the source of energy for daily physical activities. When the calories produced are greater than what the body requires, they are stored for future use. This is one of the causes why a woman sees cellulite on her skin. It pushes the subcutaneous fat cells upwards, causing lumps to be visible on the skin. So with a low-fat diet, doing any of the following exercises will prevent and reduce it.

Enjoy the outdoor cardiovascular exercises.

Walking, jogging, swimming and cycling are simple yet fun ways of this type of exercise. There's no cost involved and you only need patience and discipline as your capital. Further, while you work out your legs, calves, butt, arms and hamstrings, you also learn to develop a hobby you can share with your family and friends.

Feel the comfort of indoor cardiovascular exercises.

If you're not an outdoor lover, maximize this type of exercise. Using the treadmill, rowing machine and stationery bicycle also improve your blood circulation and burn your excess fat. Be sure to have sufficient warm up and build the intensity gradually, according to your body's pace.

Wiggle your body at an aerobic class.

These rhythmic exercises for cellulite reduction combine stretching and strength training steps with music, resulting to dance-like routines. You can have it at a fitness center with an instructor or with an instructional DVD all by yourself. There are various kinds of aerobics too so choose the one that goes with your needs and interests.

Try strength and power related activities.

If the previous exercises tone up your body in general, this type focuses on the fat of a specific body part and converts it to a muscle. You can therefore choose the anaerobic exercise that would specifically reduce the cellulite on a certain body part. If you want to work on your buttocks, hips and thighs, do the squat exercises. If your hamstrings are the ones affected, the standing or lying leg curl may be what you need. If your arms are suffering from it, try the hand weights.

Inhale and exhale deeply.

Enough oxygen is required for the lymphatic system of the body to remove toxins from the cells and to fight against cellulite. So for at least a couple of minutes, lie down comfortably and do the simple breathing exercise. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds before releasing it. Though you're doing it for your lumps, you also get other benefits like composure and personal silence.

The exercises above may be the most thrilling, reasonable and safest way to address your beauty problem. But these exercises for cellulite reduction also give you more advantages than just applying cream or resorting to liposuction. Physical fitness also prevent heart and lung problems, develop your muscles and make you feel good.

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