Travel Packing Tips – The 3 Major Catastrophic Mistakes That Any Traveler Should Avoid


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Going to that special vacation is always a great time for fun. However without the proper planning and preparation, it can virtually spoil the fun in your trip.
Therefore by following the below travel packing tips this will help you to avoid the three major travel mistakes that people make and help to make your trip stress free.
1.) Avoid not making a list of your items
A common mistake that most people make is that they do not make a list of all the items that they are going to be bringing to their trip. Having this list is important as it helps you to prioritize your items accordingly to ensure you remember to bring the important items.

Also it acts as a checklist, so that you can refer back to it to ensure you have all your items accounted for during your travels. This is a good way to make sure nothing goes missing.
2.) Avoid having important loose items scattered everywhere in your bag
Having important items scattered everywhere in your bag such as cash, credit cards, medicine, and documents will cause unwanted confusion and disorganization when you want to search for those items throughout your baggage. A good system to use is to classify each important item and store them separately into plastic zip lock bags.

For example, you put all the cash into one zip lock bag, all the credit cards into another zip lock bag, and so on and so forth. This way, it will be much easier for you to retrieve the needed items from your luggage, by quickly pulling out the desired zip lock bag that contains the items you are searching for.

3.) Avoid keeping all your valuables in the same place
A common mistake that people make is to put all their valuables, including, electronic devices, money and passports, into one single bag. By doing this, it is like putting all �your eggs in one basket�. If that single bag ever goes missing, or gets stolen, then all your valuables will go missing in one single shot.

Therefore separate certain items into different places, such as putting your money in your wallet or zip pockets, the electronic devices in one of your hand carry bags, and your passport in your own handbag or purse. This will protect you from missing everything at once.

By following these three important travel packing tips, it will help you to avoid the common critical mistakes people make when packing for their trip.

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