Tummy Tucks Popular Among Blacks

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Despite the growing number of Black women getting tummy tucks, cosmetic surgery in general is still frowned upon within the African American community. Any procedure that changes the naturalness of Black looks is considered trying to act or be white. Changing what you were born with is considered an insult to your ancestors, by some. Yet Black women with increasing disposable income say they are about making themselves look good, in a Black way, rather than trying to emulate white women.

Tummy tucks, breast reductions and butt augmentations are some of the more popular procedures being sought out by middle class Black women. And some say it is not about erasing their African-ness is simply about improving their looks as they age. Because no one really wants to get old. Tummy tucks and butt augmentations are ways to ward off the effects of aging for awhile.

Black people make up roughly 5% of all the cosmetic surgery procedures done yearly. Doctors have had to adjust because white women and Black women want tune ups on different parts of the body. While white women opt for a nose job, Black women overwhelmingly go for a tummy tuck as their number one preferred procedure. Black women also prefer breast reductions rather than breast enhancements. And it is usually a health issue. Women with overlarge breasts usually suffer from back pain and other musculature pains.

White women tend to go for more face lifts, while Black women still subscribe to the long held notion that Black don't crack meaning Black women tend not to wrinkle as early or as often as white women do.

However, Black skin does scar more readily than Caucasian skin. Blacks are more likely to develop those raised scars called Keloid scars. Which is why Black eschew elective surgeries in the first place. Doctors combat this by being as minimally invasive as possible. Laser treatments and extra small incisions in unusual places help to minimize scarring. Electron beam radiation is used to diminish the appearance of the scars themselves. Because of the Black propensity for developing large scar tissue, some dermatologists recommend to their patients that they first try Botox or similar procedures before resorting to surgery.

Since a tummy tuck can be hidden underclothing, it will probably remain as the number one procedure among Black women for quite some time to come.

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